Majmarked 2018

Majmarked it such a cozy medieval event. It is framed as a medieval marked – everyone know each other because they all start the season here every year. They are a really welcoming community.

I just realised that I never put a post up on this year’s Majmarked (our home marked). I better do something about that.

We were joined by our good friends Kirstine and Michael and their three kids (10, 10 and 13 years old respectably). It was their first marked, so they were there to figure out if they wanted to do the marked thing – they were pretty sure they did. It was absolutely wonderful to be going with friends and have someone to share the experience with.

We had a wonderful time and sold almost all of our wine. The luthendrank sold especially well and it was really fun talking to people about medieval and renaissance wine. We have a few antidotes and a bit of history we share with potential buyers. We had fun cooking medieval inspired food as well as hanging out with our friends – new and old. At Saturday evening we ended up having a small party with some of the new people we meat at the event.

Impressions from the marked

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