Danskernes mad i middelalderen – smag selv

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On November 15, 2016
Last modified:May 8, 2017


Title: Danskernes mad i middelalderen – smag selv
Author: Bente Leed
Genre: Historical cookbook, middel ages, medieval

The book has some really interesting recipes and I want to try out quite a few of them. The book has some recipes from the 1300’s that I have not seen elsewhere.

However it seems like the book can’t decide if it is an academic paper or a pop-history book. The writing style is rather academic but the layouts and the length of the pieces are pop-history-like. It does make it a bit of an odd read. I wish more of the original source material was translated as my old Danish/Swedish is really rusty so I ended up mostly skipping it.

If I had not already read quite a bit about this period I do think this would have been a more fascinating read.

I don’t want to own it but I do want to copy a few of the recipes for my own use.

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