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dsc_0659I love falling down rabbit wholes and I thought I would share some with you. This is a list of blogs, sites about food history and recipe sites. I hope you will find some of them useful as well.

Please let me know if you have a history food blog or know of a site that I should check out.

Blogs about recreating period food


  • A danish blog about danish cakes though history. The blog posts are really detailed with references and notes – they are however also very readable. They are mostly focused on traditional dishes which means the 1700’s and 1800’s with a few older tangents. In Danish
  • The cold table: World food history with videos, recipes and loads of pictures. It seems to have a wide scope – what-ever strikes her fancy


  • The blog is about a modern cook cooking Mediterranean (mostly Roman) food from antiquity. The blog has both posts about food history and recipes.
  • The blog is genrally about antiquity, but there is a good section both on food and on recipes.

Viking age

  • About viking age food and food culture. The blog has recipes and other infomation based on practical experience by a reenactor. The person who runs it is finish but everything is in English.
  • Eldrimner: a blog about medieval and viking age food.
  • An overview of what the archelogical sources tells us that the vikings ate, Sca based.
  • viking answer As a big section of dayly life among that a section on food.

Medieval & renaissance 

  • The life and recipes of a medieval cook: Recipes and food blogging about medieval cooking, with the sources in the blog post.
  • Let hem boyle: 1300-1600’s cooking blog. Another Finish blogger with the site in English. The site has recipes as well as food blogging.
  • Goode Eates: Recipes and food blogging about medieval cooking, with the sources in the blog post. It also has reviews of food history books and cookbooks. There are also more general food blogging.
  • Medieval Cheese Forum: A site on making medieval cheese
  • Jacob and Julian: A couple cooking medieval food – quite often serving it to a grumpy dad. It has lots of step by step pictures and is quite entertaining.
  • cook-a-long: A site for Medieval and Renaissance Cooking enthusiasts. It has not been updated in years but the infomation is still good.
  • It is not pretty but is has good modernised recipes and a lot of interesting infomation on medieval cursine.
  • I just found this site so it is mostly hear so I remember it exist, but I can see it has something on table manners among other things. In Danish


Recipe sites




  • This is an amazing resource if what you are looking for is medieval recipes. They always have both the original recipe as well as a modern adaption.
  • This is the same kind of site with a huge recipe bank of medieval recipes

Sites about food history

  • Danish food history with articles as well as about 50 recipes. All with sources and quite well researched. The site has recipes for viking age, medieval, renaissance, 1700’s, 1800’s food,  In Danish
  • The site has a few medieval recipes but what makes it interesting is all the other information about the medieval period. Among other things there is a section on the medieval garden.
  • Among other things they have an overview ofmanuscripts and cookery books in Medieval Europe
  • hjortsvangmuseum: Danish measurements throughout time. I find it really useful when working with old recipes. in Danish

Food in art


  • A site with a lot of good resolution pictures of medieval everyday life, food and food preparation. Paintings, manuscripts, stone works, artifacts. In French
  • Medieval manuscripts
  • The Rijksmuseum’s website you can explore a huge part of their collection in detail. The art is there for you to zoom around on and to save on your computer – in a rather large resolution.
  • Olga’s Gallery
  • Web Gally of Art: The Web Gallery of Art is a searchable database of European fine arts and architecture (8th-19th centuries), currently containing over 41.100 reproductions.
  • Another horribly ugly page but it does have some good sources
  • Frescoes from Danish churches. Sadly the free access is rather limited. In Danish

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