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Traditional danish Christmas cookies

It is that time a year again where it is time to bake Christmas cookies. I have quite a few recipes for traditional danish Christmas cookies, so I deiced to make a master list for you.

The day of baking Christmas cookies

Making the dough for Brown Christmas cookies
Making the dough for Brown Christmas cookies

Since 2004 my girlfriends have gathered to bake the yearly haul of Christmas cookies. None of us used to make for Christmas our self, but we had all moved out within a few years and we decided to to meet up to bake some cookies. By baking together we get to make more kinds of cookies and it is such a nice day together. Baking together really takes the stress out of the baking. Back when were students it was also a huge plus that it reduced the cost. Since it has become a yearly tradition and we have all completely taken over the Christmas baking from our mothers for the whole family. We bake in huge batches – this year we used almost 10 kg of flour and so much butter it is embarrassing. We are baking for five families, so I hope that helps a little.

Traditional danish Christmas cookies – the master list

Well more or less traditional

Pictures from the baking days


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