Medieval male city dweller’s garb & fashion

It has come time to look at what the men of the city were wearing in the medieval period. As usual I am interested in the period between 1000 and 1550. I will look both at workmen’s clothing, merchant and artisans’ clothing in the period. The post is structured into these three categories and the pictures is arranged chronologically. This is a work in progress and I will note the date here when it was last edited.

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If you know when/where a picture without a source is from, please leave a comment. If you know of a great picture that I should include, please also comment.

Workmen and crafts people

In this section I look at what the people doing manual labour wore; smiths, carpenters, workmen, dockworkers etc.

Food merchants

Butchers, bakers, spice merchants, wine sellers etc.


In this section I look at what tailors, cooks, potter, etc wore.

Scribes and painters


In this section I look at what the people selling stuff wore, from the rich spice or cloth merchant to the more lowly people at the marked.

City dwellers

City dwellers outside work.

Merry makers

Party goers, musicians, teater people, juggler, fools etc.




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