Larp craft projects

The fork used as a lucet
The fork used as a lucet

As I have mentioned before I am going to Drachenfest later this month. It is one of the world biggest LARPs and is located in Germany. I have never been to a larp bigger than 50 people, it is going to be a bit overwhelming. Part of what I like about larps is the excuse e to dress up. I have constructed my own costume with the help of friends and family. Thank you Ingerlise and thank you Kitte, I could not have done it without you.

Fixing the sleeves of an old shift 

So one of the projects was fixing a shift I had sitting around from a pirate larp a few years back. It was originally sown very very quickly – part of it was only overlocked together.  The sleeves were too snug, for it to be comfortable. So I decided to fix it.

I added a small V shaped insert in each of the sleeves and now it works really well. I probably isn’t the proper way to construct it, but I like it. I also gave the parts of the dress that still didn’t have proper stitches one.

Hand embroidering the edge of the shift 

IMG_20140709_113118I have not embroidered anything since my school days. I want to do the edge of my tunic but I wanted to take some baby steps into the world of embroidery so I did some blanket stitches on the edge of the shift. I think I want to do the edges of my tunic as well now.

It is 28 C here, so that is why I am red like a pig in all the pictures.

Learning to use a lucet and making my own

The fork used as a lucet

I have been eyeing tutorials of how to use lucets on pinterest for quite some time and today I needed two cords for an apron that I am making. It turned out to be pretty easy easy with the use of a video tutorial by Evelyn Skae.

After making the first cord on a faux medieval fork, I decided that i wanted my own, so I went down into the apartment garden, into the bushes and found a stick with a fork in it. My boyfriend made one with some knife magic and half an hour later I had my very own lucet. It is a bit harder to use than the fork, but has the distinct advantage that I don’t fell silly using it and the yarn don’t try to escape every other second. I am half way making the other cord now.

The home made lucet
The home made lucet

Two crocheted belts

IMG_20140710_194014I decided that I wanted to do at least one crocheted item for my outfit. As it happened I ended up with two. I made a narrow green belt for under my tunic, to hold up my accessories (a wooden cup, pouches etc) and a wider patterned one. The wide one is my first attempt at to crochet anything with a pattern in it. It is made with double crochet and slip stitches.


The outfit as it looks right now


All the pieces of my outfit other than the hat is homemade. My outfit right now is: A mid calf full linen skirt. A green linen tunic. A crochet belt. The cream cotton shift that is now a little different from this picture.

I plan to add a set of faun ears I bought on etsy and the apron I am working on. I also have an alternative chemise that I coloured my self using onion peels. I just don’t have a picture right now.

The tunic will get some embroidery details when I get around to it. It looks a little unfinished. I am also planing to do a belt purch from some of our leftover leather from other projects.

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