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Almond butter in a foodprocessor

Almond butter

Homemade almond butter – a great butter substitute both for contemporary dishes and for medieval ones. Almond butter is a healthy alternative to butter. It’s easy to make and it taste totally yummy.

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Salt crust dough

Some pies call for a dough for the crust that isn’t really all that eatable – a salt dough that mostly serve to keep the meat moist. The recipe for this salt crust dough isn’t extremely salt and it is eatable – unlike some of the most pie crusts that is just water and rye flour.

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Short crust (postej låg)

This is an unsweetened shortcrust that works very well for meat pies such as my game pie and my pork and chicken pie. You need the shortcrust as the lid of the pie and my piecrust recipe for the sides. You can also just use an oven proof dish and add a short crust lid to it. Can be frozen. Keep Reading