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Carrots in lemon and theme

For the midwinter feast I couldn’t find period recipe for carrots, that didn’t involve mashing them, as we already had one purée on the table. I decided that I didn’t want a second one, so I found a modern recipe for carrots steamed in lemon juice with fresh theme.

I don’t really like cooked carrots all that much, but I liked these steamed carrots. They were gone by the time we removed the dishes of the second course, so I can’t have been alone in like them. It is a very simple dish, that is quick to make and quite tasty.

Carrots in lemon and theme

A simple side dish
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Historical cooking
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • Carrots
  • lemon peal and juice, uncoated (or organic)
  • handful of theme fresh
  • A bit of water


  1. Clean the carrots and cut them into similar sized pieces.
  2. Peal the lemon and juice it.
  3. Place the carrots in a pot and pour the juice over it. If it seem like it is a bit too dry add a bit of water. You only need a little bit of liquid to cook the carrots.
  4. Add the lemon peal to the pot.
  5. Cook the carrots under a lid. Remember to test them so they don't got too soft. You want them with a bit of bite.
  6. Drain the carrots and place them in a nice dish and sprinkle the theme over.

Recipe Notes

Source: Smag på maden

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