About me

Me at a larp eventMy name is Sidsel Pedersen and I am from Denmark. I am a highschool teacher and an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy and other speculative fiction. I am also a roleplayer and a happy home cook.

I have a master’s degree with a major in history and a minor in social sciences. I also have training as a “medie grafiker” – which loosely translate to graphic designer.

I live in Aarhus Denmark and was born in 1982. My boyfriend and I are living together in a flat near Aarhus University. We have lived together for more than ten years now. We are both originally from the area around Viborg and three back.

I am the editor in chief of the on-line magazine LivingSims about The Sims games and interior/exterior design. I work together with around 15 people from around the world to create the magazine which is published every 2-5 months. We are completely independent and free.

I know my English is far from perfect, I try to use spell check and re-read my text before I post it, but there is bound to be errors. I am not a native speaker and I find spelling hard in general. I hope you can forgive the errors and focus on the content.


The blog

This blog is all about food because I love to cook and I like to share my love of food. It is also heavily about food history and campfire cooking. Both of which are related to my larping and general historical interest.

My historical focus tend to be in the viking age, the middle ages and the early modern period. Geographically I tend to be more interested in Scandinavia. My language bararies means that I primarily read things in Danish, English and to a lesser degree Norwegian.

I hope to share recipes, posts about cooking, reviews of cookbooks and nerdy posts about the historical research I am into.

What is a “postej” you might ask? It is what you might call an old fashion meat pie in English. Read more about them here.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment.

If you need to contact me I am @macthekat82 at twitter or you can send me an email at macthekat (at) gmail.com