Awesome food podcasts

I listen to a lod of podcast – mostly about history, science, fiction but lately also about food. I have found two cool food podcast two share with you. I hope you will share other food podcasts with me if you know of any.

Bite Podcast Bite: “Bite is a podcast for people who think hard about their food.” The podcast is parts news, part interviews and part them doing stories on food and the food industry. The topics are really varied and they cover militple stories each episode.They have a sceptic attitude to food fads that is nice and refreshing. A few topics they have covered are: The workings of the food industry in Chinatown; pre-colonial mexican food; the way food is falsely advertised as being something it is not; fish fraud etc.

170x170bb-3 Gastropod: “Every other week, co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley serve up a brand new episode exploring the hidden history and surprising science behind a different food- or farming-related topic, from aquaculture to ancient feasts, from cutlery to chile peppers, and from microbes to Malbec.” This is just fasinating. It combines a lot of my interests into one lovely package. The hosts are entertaining and fun to listen to and they interview fasinating people as well. The

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