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Almond butter in a foodprocessor

Almond butter

Homemade almond butter – a great butter substitute both for contemporary dishes and for medieval ones. Almond butter is a healthy alternative to butter. It’s easy to make and it taste totally yummy.

I made almond butter today. Why because I wanted to try to it kept showing up in contemporary and medieval recipes.
Nowadays we make almond butter as a healthy butter substitute. However in medieval times they made it for lent.

In the middle ages on fast days, Christians were not allowed to eat animal products (from mammals that is), such as butter. The alternatives were mostly olive oil for cooking and almond butter for other uses. In Denmark and the rest of Northern Europe, this coursed problems as both were expensive imports.

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Powder Fort

Powder fort is a strong spice mix used primary in medieval meat dishes. Like all medieval spice mixes powder fort has many different recipes, here are a few. I have modified them to fit modern European measurements. I have found that it works quite well in fruit pies as well.

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