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Vinum Dulce – the new name for our mulled wine

This weekend we are talking part in Majmarked in Viborg – a medieval marked event. It is the second year we are there as part of the event. Last year we set up our stand by our friend’s stand, this year we are going with our very own tent and have our own stand. All the groups at the marked have a name, so we had to come up with one for our wine and are now selling our spiced wine under the name: Vinum Dulce – which is literally just sweet wine in latin.

Last weekend we made this year’s batch of wine – which as always was hard work but also fun. The air is scented with wine and exotic spices. Kasper was in charge of measuring out everything to the te at my dad’s brewing scales. It is so great to be able to use his brewing kitchen in the garage for this – it makes everything easy to keep clean and precise.

The wines

As always we made two types of wine: Hypocras which was a medicinal wine – that is a kind to the Christmas drink Gløk (or glöck). Luthendranck is made either with white or red wine – but we always prefer it with white wine – preferably cooled. It is quite a refreshing wine.

Hypocras is a spiced red wine drink. It can be made in a number of way. Here is a surprisingly exact recipe from 1577. The recipe says it is a very old Greek recipe. I am pretty sure I have read that elsewhere as well. The recipe we use is from the Danish book “Lægebog : I-VI” af Henrik Smith, 1577.

Luthendranck is a spiced white or red wine. Drank either as a way of making poor wine drinkable or as a medical wine to ward off melancholy or against chest problems.

Read more about the two wines: Luthendranck and Hypocras. Last year we did a lot of test, to get the spice mix just right, so this year we just had to make the wine.

Once we are home from the marked I will of course post pictures from the marked and of the food we made.

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