Female headgear in the 1500’s

1500 – 1580

After the 1400’s, adult headdress styles changed, as they do, and the bourrelet was fashionably replaced with something more relaxed.

Gable hood

A gable hood, English hood or gable headdress is an English woman’s headdress of c. 1500–1550, so-called because its pointed shape resembles the gable of a house.

French hood

The French hood is characterized by a rounded shape, contrasted with the angular “English” or gable hood. It is worn over a coif, and has a black veil attached to the back. The front part of the hair was always visible.1

Common women

Peasant, servent and beggar woman seem to have been wearing either head wraps, hoods or veils. Sometimes with a strew hat on top. I got a few pictures of common woman with their hair uncovered.


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