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On October 26, 2016
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32714368Title: Renæssancemad – opskrifter og køkkenhistorie fra Christian 4.’s tid
Author: Bi Skaarup
Genre: Historical cookbook, renaissance

This is the latest book in my reading on pre-industrial food history project. This is another one in danish and is specifically about Danish food culture in the renaissance period.

This was excellent. The book is full of interesting fact about the time period and is well written – not just on what they ate, but also on how the kitchens were organized, on how they prepared for a big weeks long party and on how they procured the different ingrediens. Each chapter is on a different type of ingrediens with an introduction that – all of it compelling and fascinating.

The recipes each has a good introduction where both what the dish is and it’s cultural context is. The instructions are clear enough that I can see what I need to do in my head and I want to make many of the dishes.

The book is illustrated by amazing artworks from the period such as the once below:


The stats

Published:  2006, Gyldendal
Read: October 23 to 25, 2016
Format: Hardback

The author: Female, white, Denmark

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