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Thai inspired pumpkin soup, an egg and a slice of whole grain bread.

Thai inspired pumpkin soup

When it is chilly outside I like to make food that is quite warm and cozy. I am not a huge soup fan, unless the soup is quite filling. This spicy pumpkin soup fits the bill perfectly. It is fairly quick to make – the longest part of the process is prepping the pumpkin and waiting for the soup to boil. I like both the ginger and chili heat – but you add more of both or tone it down a bit – that is all a mater of taste.

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Bowl of goulash and a homemade flute

Mom’s goulash

I adore goulash in the winter. It is warming and delicious – and it is the kind of slow food, that fills the house with wonderful smells throughout the day. This is my mom’s recipe, so it is by no means authentically Hungarian. This is the perfect winter weekend food. Perfect slow food for a cheep piece of beef and heaps of potatos. I also love making it over a campfire.

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