Cuisine: German

Spiced “Hungarian” Spinach

Kogt Spinat på Ungarsk

This dish is a renaissance spinach dish, that is spiced and cooked in a pot or a pan. The recipe is from 1597 and is from one of the oldest cookbooks printed in Danish, though the book is originally German. It is a simple dish that is meant to be served with fish. It is quite a tasty way to eat spinach. It is said to be “Hungarian”, not because the recipe is from Hungary but because of the spices used. Many of the recipes in the cookbook is said to me in Hungarian, which just means spiced with onion. Keep Reading

Medieval game pie

Medieval Game Pie

Postej af Vildsteeg at berede oc bage

A medieval game pie, I used deer, but it could be any game meat. The meat is cooked and spiced before it is cased in a pie crust. Unlike most of the pies I used the pie dough printed along with the filing.

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Alimenti: vino bianco, dal Taccuino Sanitatis, Manoscritto Casanatense 4182

Lutendranck 2

Lutendranck in a renaissance glass with cardamom podsThis is the new and improved and thoroughly tested version of lutendranck. The recipe is based on a recipe from a original German cookbook  by Anna Wecker from 1598 (from the Danish edition). Keep Reading