Course: Side dish

Kale & Orange salad

A quick and easy kale salad with orange and apple.

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Barley Frumenty

A barley porridge made with eggs and milk as a side dish with meat. Based on a number of 1300’s and 1400’s recipes. Traditionally it is made with wheat, but this poor man’s version, uses barley instead.

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Fresh cottage cheese from buttermilk

A soft fresh cheese made from buttermilk, seasoned with herbs. In Danish it is called “knapost” and is a traditional cottage cheese. Quite possible the easiest home made cheese you can make. Requires no special equipment.

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Cold Potato Salad

Cold Potato Salad

This classic pot-lot dish is perfect for a hot summer day. It keeps a few days in the fridge.

This is not so much a recipe as inspiration. I am not adding quantities because it really depend on how strong you like it.

Depending on how many potatoes and your own taste you will need different amounts of ingredients. I like to have enough dressing to have the potatoes slightly covered.

No mayonnaise

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Quick tomato bruschetta

Super quick and easy tomato bruschetta – a great afternoon snack or antipasti. It’s basically toasted bread with a fresh tomato spread.

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Pumpkin puré

Græskar at koge

A pumpkin spicy puré based on a recipe from Anna Wecket’s 1648 cookbook. Works really well in a fall menu.

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