An evening of medieval delight

A few weeks ago we had some friends over for a day of medieval geekery. We chatted, researched and cooked a medieval dinner party together. We hosted a little wine tasting with the spiced wines we had made, and they helped us decide on the wine to use.

They are hosting a larp event and wanted to make the ingame dinner in medieval style, so they visited us for inspiration and to try to cook a few of the dishes. They had brought seven dead rock chicks and a leg of a deer. We spend the afternoon chatting, looking at cookbooks and going to shop.

For dinner we helped each other make a pie of the deer leg, a spinach dish, a barley salad and maumenee (a kind of game and wine stew). All of which turned out really delicious. Especially the combination of maumenee and pie worked well. The sweet of the wine stew complimented the deer really well.

After dinner we brought out all of our experiments in spiced wine and had a little wine tasting. With scoring and everything. All in all we had a great evening.

The recipes

If you want to see any of the recipes you can find them here:

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