Mit vilde vikingekøkken

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On June 30, 2014
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d9a8e9781a83774625b155b10ffccb1aTitle: Mit vilde vikingekøkken
Author: Jim Lyngvild
Genre: Historical cookbook, campfire

I visited my sister in Copenhagen this past weekend and among other things we went to Nationalmuseet (free entrance) to eat brunch and see their viking exhibition – which were both great. Their brunch is always good new nordic cooking with lots to choose from. The viking exhibition is part of their antiquity exhibition which in my opinion is a world-class exhibition. Especially the black treasure rooms are amazing. Well worth a visit. However their medieval exhibition is not worth your time. While we were there we of course had to visit the museum store and I brought “Mit vilde vikingekøkken” among other wonderful things.

The book is a historical cookbook made in collaboration with Ribe Vikingecenter. All the recipes are based on what we know of the viking cooking and eating habits as well as experimental archeology. All recipes uses historical cooking methods and most are campfire recipes. There is bread, meat, fish, cheese, porridge and berry recipes.

The instructions are very easy to follow – short and to the point. Most recipes requires few ingredients and  alternatives are suggested for the wild plants (for us city dwellers). There is a short introduction to each recipe about what we know of the food. The photos are amazing and so inspiring.

I have cooked a few of the recipes already and they were easy and fun to make as well as quite tasty.

If you are interested in historical cooking and the vikings this is well worth your money.

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Published:  2013 lindhardt og ringhof
Read: June 22 to 24, 2014
Format: Hardcover

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